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This video was put together in 2012 about the 2004 Gatumba Massacre. It features interviews and comprehensive information.


This video was put together by Imuhira International after the 2009 Gatumba Memorial in New Hampshire.

It features interviews with three Banyamulenge genocide survivors, currently living in the United States, who reveal the only path to freedom from the bitterness and pain caused by the violence perpetrated against them — forgiveness.


WARNING: This video contains scenes of Graphic Violence, Death, & Human Suffering.

Duration: 07:50
Taken: 18 January 2007
Location: Goma., The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Abdoulaye Yerodia Ndombas, the former vice president of DRC is calling the non-Tutsi Congolese Community to kill the Congolese Tutsis. He calls these last ones ”Vermines” to be exterminated. And a big number of the non-Tutsi Conglese People together with the Congolese army and The Interahamwe, the perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide responded to his appeal and killed many Congolese Tutsi in Kalemie, Moba,Kamina , Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Vyura etc… the climax being the Gatumba Genocide and the ongoing war in Kivu where the Congolese government soldiers together with the Interahamwe are raping women, killing innocent civilians due their ethnicity and stealing people’s belongings.

These attrocities are mostly happening in the areas of: MINEMBWE, GAHORORO, MASISI… We strongly condemn these atrocities and call the International Community to put pressure on the Congolese government to stop using its undisciplined army and interahamwe to kill innocent civilians and to accept to negotiate with other parties with which it is in conflict as the only way to spare the lives of the innocent civilians.

We also inform the International Community that killings against innocent civilians in Minembwe, Gahoro, Kamombo… are out of the knowledge of the outside world. Humanitarian assistance is needed urgently.