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Eleventh Annual Gatumba Massacre Memorial Gathering

Open to the Public

THEME: “Memory, Justice and Reform in the Great Lakes Region of Africa”

Immediate action to be taken: Arrest Agathon Rwasa and Pasteur Habimana to allow reconciliation.

On August 15-16, 2015, the University of Texas at Arlington Political Science Department, the Gatumba Massacre Survivors and the Congo freedom alliance members will join hands to host the 11th annual Gatumba Massacre Memorial Gathering and DRC reform conference at the University of Texas at Arlington, 601 S Nedderman Dr., Arlington, TX 76019. We gather to commemorate the memory of 166 innocent Congolese Banyamulenge refugees who were mercilessly massacred at a UN-run refugee camp known as Gatumba and also to honor all war victims of Congo. The Gatumba victims were brutally attacked and killed by a large group of armed combatants predominantly from FNL-PALIPEHU of Agathon Rwasa. To SAVE MORE INNOCENT LIVES, AGATHON RWASA and PASTEUR HABIMANA MUST BE IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED AND SENT TO COURT.

This memorial conference will also bring all Congolese, friends and supporters around the same table to discuss specific government reforms desired by civilian Congolese victims of wars best to prevent future conflict. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has recently experienced the most horrific external caused conflict on earth since World War II. None other compares in magnitude. It has cost the lives of over 6 million during the “official war period,” injured millions more, millions of women and children raped, children forced into combat against their own families, and the combat displaced millions of Congolese civilians to other locations, including many other countries. While the war technically ended in 2003, the fighting and killing and raping of Congolese continues to this day with perhaps another 2 mil-lion dead, many more injured and displaced, and a woman is raped every minute in the DRC. The “government” and the UN have not stopped this never ending war.

Enough! Civilian Congo-lese war victims believe that everyone else has had many failed chances to bring peace to Congo, except for civilian war victims who, like the British in the American colonies, paid the highest price for violations of human rights. Civilian Congolese war victims believe it is time to plan their own future with good government reforms to free themselves from tyranny, just like Americans did in 1775. The below map illustrates the UK’s and the USA’s current recommendations not to travel to DR Congo due to violence.


As mentioned earlier, these refugees were from the Congolese minority Tutsi community of South Kivu known as Banyamulenge. They had fled violence against them by some extreme members of DRC army and other armed groups such as Interahamwe (Rwandan Genocidal Group) and Mayi Mayi in South Kivu in June 2004. These innocent refugees were targeted simply because of their ethnicity. Survivors are crying for justice to allow reconciliation and lasting peace in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Convention Plan

  1. Honor civilian victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, and
  2. Plan for change from authoritarian rule to democracy

Topics discussed and voted on will include but not limited to: end horrific violence and provide citizen protection; achieve real lasting peace; invite Congolese refugee expatriates to come home to rebuild Congo; end starvation and hunger; poverty; health care; education; elections; corruption; new constitution; freedoms; liberty; inequality; courts and criminal justice, truth and reconciliation conferences.

For details see:

Those wishing to attend should contact one of the following representatives for convention details:

Gatumba Refugee Survivors Foundation
– Mademoiselle Esperance “Espy” Mfurakazi Nasezerano
– Phone: 1-404-401-4496 (Texas)
– Email:

Congo Freedom Alliance
North America contact:
– Monsieur Elie N. Mundendi
– Email:
– Phone 1-972-607-0379 (USA)
European contact:
– Monsieur Berry Muekatone
– Email:
– Phone 011-33-238732945 (France)
US to France international dialing format: 011 (US exit code) 33 (France country code) then number.

The University of Texas at Arlington Political Science Department
Prof. Richard Millsap
UTA Box 19539
University Hall Room 413
601 South Nedderman Dr.
Arlington, Texas 76019

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Event Date:

August 15-16, 2015

Event Address:

The University of Texas at Arlington
E.H. Hereford University Center
Bluebonnet Room (1st floor, east end)
300 W. First Street
Arlington, Texas 76019
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