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Gatumba Refugees Survivors Foundation

The Gatumba Refugees Survivors Foundation (GRSF) was founded immediately after the 2004 Gatumba Genocide on the consensus of all the survivors of this Genocide.

A team of fifteen people headed its elected president Olivier Mandevu has been voted by the survivors to lead the organization.

The foundation was legally incorporated in the state of New York in 2007.

The goals/actions of this organization include:

  1. Actively seeks justice for the Gatumba Genocide and other crimes against human life in the Great Lakes region of Africa.
  2. Works through memorial gatherings to bring moral healing to survivors of the Gatumba Genocide
  3. Organizes Memorial gatherings to speak against torture, killings, genocides, rape, & all other kinds of human rights violations taking place in Great Lakes region in Africa (Demo. Rep. of Congo).
  4. Fund Raises for survivors still living in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and those who are in need due to the crimes of the Gatumba Genocide.
  5. Reunites family members who were separated during the evacuation of the camp.
  6. Helps families/survivors of the Gatumba Genocide to get out of areas of danger.
  7. Speak out for survivors who need medical support and guide them in the process to gain much needed medical healing.